Our Products: Teak, Gurjan Veneer, Pyinkado, Bangkirai, Merbau, Rubber

Alkemal was established in 1962 as an importer and exporter of timber. In 1982, Alkemal was incorporated into a private limited company – Alkemal Singapore Pte Ltd.

With its headquarters in Singapore, it has its own offices and agents in all its major buying and selling centers such as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nigeria, Ghana, Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica, Brazil & Indonesia.

Observing the highest standard of integrity and honesty, the company uses its extensive network to ensure deliveries in accordance with agreed specification and deadlines. It employs competent staff in all its offices to meet client needs and expectations. Through the years,

Through the years, Alkemal Singapore Pte Ltd. has continued to achieve its objectives and met its target with the support of its global clientele and with the guidance and assistance of Alkemal’s competent, dedicated and committed managers of all load/sales ports as well as Singapore. We thank you for all the support thus far.

We thank you for all the support thus far.

Why do business with Alkemal?

  • We work to ensure we achieve outcomes that matter the most to our customers.
  • We strive to be the “go to Company” for all timber requirements and deliver confidence and stability to all our customers.
  • In our 50 years of business, we have enjoyed a reputation of being reliable, dependable and responsive.

Our Offices

Alkemal Singapore

Toronto, Canada

Costa Rica, Latin America

Panama, Latin America

Ecuador, Latin America

Ghana, Africa

Nigeria, Africa

Kandla, India

Chennai, India

Yangon, Myanmar