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Merbau or ipil is the name of a high-quality hardwood producing tree belonging to the tribe of Fabaceae (Leguminosae). Because of its violence, in the Maluku and West Papua regions, this wood is also named after ironwood. In Papua New Guinea, this wood is known as kwila; While the names in English are mirabow, Moluccan ironwood, Malacca teak, and others. With its high degree of natural durability and strength, it is used externally in engineering, construction, and marine applications. Merbau also features in backyards as outdoor furniture, and internally in a range of joinery, flooring and other uses.


  • Decking
  • Exterior/Interior Rails and Ballustrades
  • Exterior/Interior Stairs
  • Flooring
  • Pergolas
  • Timber Joinery Products
  • Timber Portal Frames
  • Windows