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SCIENTIFIC NAME Xylia xylocarpa Taub – Medium sized deciduous tree, up to 30 to 37 m in height and 75 cm in girth. The bole is branchless for up to 25 m, occasionally fluted, usually straight and cylindrical. The buttresses are small or absent. is reported in dry evergreen forests, mixed deciduous forests and dry deciduous dipterocarp forests, up to 850 m of altitude. It is distributed in Myanmar and India and extending eastward into Cambodia and Thailand.This species is planted within its natural area of distribution. It has no characteristic odor or taste. The sapwood varies from pale yellowish brown to reddish white. The heartwood is reddish brown. This timber has usually wavy or interlocked grain.It is very durable and very resistant to fungi and insect attack, also against marine borers. The sapwood is reported to be easy to preserve but the heartwood is untreatable.


  • Exterior General
  • Bridges
  • Poles
  • Stake Posts
  • Crossties
  • General Housing
  • Beams
  • Flooring
  • Furniture Cabinets
  • others etc.,