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Alkemal’s specialty in Latin America and Africa is Teak, sourced from the forests of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Ghana and Nigeria. The dedicated staff we have at these loading ports, hand select the finest quality of timber and load them in containers to be shipped to India and China. Given our diversity of work and multiple loading locations, we can at any point in time, meet our customer’s needs and requests.


Alkemal is one of the pioneers of the Timber Industry in Myanmar with a presence of about 20 years.

We deliver high quality processed Teak, Gurjan and Pyinkado to destinations in Europe, USA, India, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam & Thailand.

We have established 3 factories in Myanmar that process Gurjan, Face Veneer, and High-Grade Teak for Decking and Yacht building. Furniture and Flooring

Hardwood like Pyinkado has also been developed to meet the demands of the growing Indian markets.

Alkemal has also cultivated more than 3,000 acres of Rubber over the past 6 years. The first of this rubber was tapped in early 2018.

We are in the process of setting up a rubber processing plant to produce quality rubber for export to Malaysia and China.


Growing demands for hardwood have led Alkemal to expand into Indonesia.

We produce Sawn Bangkirai, Merbau, Kapur and Keruing for India and Nepal. Production of these species is as per buyer specifications.

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